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Provident Link is a Top Echelon Network Preferred Member. Similar to how a real estate agent uses MLS, as a Preferred Member we give you access to jobs and candidates from over 1200 head hunters and 600 executive search firms across the United States who serve virtually every skill set in demand. All Preferred Members have provided indisputable evidence of their ability to uphold the highest industry standards for ethics and quality, and many hold well over 15 years of recruiting experience.

Provident Link has been instrumental in forming a Chicago Area Core Group within the Top Echelon Network. By putting the right recruiters in the right roles, heading in the right direction, we provide a quality solution in a timely manner. is your gateway to all jobs and candidates currently available across the United States through the Top Echelon Network. Just click the link to search the network and to set up alerts.

Top Echelon Contracting

We can meet your Contract Staffing Needs through our affiliations with Top Echelon Contracting, Inc. Top Echelon Contracting, Inc. allows us to supply our client companies with top-notch professionals for a specific length of time or for a specific project. The contractor is the employee of our contracting division, freeing our client from administrative problems, tax and workers’ compensation issues, payroll, and unemployment liabilities.

Put Our Relationships to Work For You

Provident Link is your recruiter connection to the Chicago area and national job market. Whether you are open to a new opportunity or in need of a new team member, we deliver results. We are part of a team of head hunters concentrated in Chicago who each average 10+ years of experience. With an emphasis on Information Technology, we are a full service provider of Corporate-related positions such as Accounting, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Human Resources. We deliver talent solutions on a direct hire, contract-to-hire, or contract basis across the United States.

Our philosophy is predicated on delivering quality through a defined process; honest feedback—good, bad or ugly—and good old-fashioned hard work. Because there is rarely a perfect fit, we strive to manage expectations for all parties involved to eliminate surprises. We approach knock-out factors head-on, which allows for an effective risk assessment, enabling all parties make a decision based on facts.


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Referral Programs

Our goal is to make your relationship with us pay off for you, literally. Since I started selling information technology related services in 1994, I am blessed with many great relationships. As I founded Provident Link, Ltd. in 2006, I realized I have a great problem on my hands: The longer I serve people, the more difficult it is to get time-sensitive information to those who can benefit.

Therefore, we leverage a confidential e-mail newsletter to alert you to client needs and quality candidates. Our reputation, and an above-average incentive for your time, has compelled many to refer us, either confidentially or directly, to new clients or to people with good skills. Note that referrals do not need to be “looking.” All we need is a name and a method of contact and we’ll do the rest.

Provident Link will pay you $1,000 for any referral that generates a successful placement. Based on Program success, beginning in 2008 we intend to raffle prizes of significant value at an annual thank you dinner, so be sure to read our newsletter!

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