Candidate Feedback

“I have never had a recruiter tell me so accurately what the job was and what the client was actually looking for prior to the interview.”

Director, Business Intelligence with 25 years of industry experience

“Thank you so much for helping me refine the right questions to ask in my interview. It helped me to make the right decision.”

Senior accounting systems professional

“Even though this interview did not work out, I want to thank you for taking the time to help me execute a good strategy. I am in a better position for the next opportunity that meets my career goals because you took the time to help me.”

Senior Director, Information Systems

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Making “who you know” happen

It is conventional wisdom that getting a job is not about what you know, but who you know. Second only to your established professional relationships, Provident Link enables you to quickly expand your “who you know” quotient. This is not just about meeting more people. This is about generating tangible results when it comes to managing your career. Because of our Preferred Member status in Top Echelon Network, you have access to more qualified jobs than any single staffing firm is able to individually represent.

To leverage this capability, just follow the process. Start by putting your résumé and the required data about yourself into our system. A member of the Provident Link team will then follow up to make sure we understand what is important to you. With your approval, we will then make your background available to all 1200+ Top Echelon Members.

If another member firm determines you fit the need of their client, they will contact you directly and they will manage the interview and offer process. A Provident Link team member is available to guide you through the process, however, the Top Echelon Member working directly with the client will be in the best position to share the details you need to get the job.

You may also view the current jobs available nationwide and set alerts as new opportunities meet your criteria. As you investigate the current jobs, remember that if refer someone who fits the profile, we will pay you $1,000 for any successful placement made as a result of your participation in our referral program.

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