Client Feedback

“I must admit, I was skeptical to put the future of my team in the hands of an external provider because we have an extremely complex technical environment which includes multiple instances of an ERP, a data warehouse, several custom object oriented applications, and many report generation requirements. Nevertheless, Phil persisted and I agreed to meet him to discuss the matter further.

“After interviewing just a few people, I was comfortably able to select two developers who clearly met my expectations on quality and competence. Since starting, both of them have completed projects and I have already received recognition about them from the departments we serve. It pains me to think of how high the work requests would have piled up without Phil’s help because I would still be interviewing people.”

Manager, Custom Development at a 30+ facility, global manufacturing firm

“I wanted to ensure that our recent hire did not go by without kudos to Phil Wallner. Phil presented the candidate’s qualifications to me when we were searching for an Oracle project manager and not only do we feel he is an excellent hire, we also appreciate Phil’s role in securing him.

“Phil was extremely professional, timely, and thorough. His attention to detail is what I appreciated most. He always prepared the candidates well and I never felt like he was selling ‘leftovers’ to me. He took the time to understand our needs exactly and offered only candidates that fit the bill.

“I have held many positions within the Human Resources function in a number of companies and usually recruiting is the least favorite part of my job. In this case, however, Phil actually made it enjoyable.”

Global Director, Compensation and Benefits

“I spoke with Phil Wallner, your Director of Client Development, regarding my need for an Infrastructure Project Manager, and your team was able to pull together a detailed requirement list since one did not exist. When I reviewed your document, I only had minor revisions before we proceeded. Within a handful of business days, you presented me with two candidates, and I had extremely positive interviews with both.

“The offer phase of the process was extremely smooth because your firm did an excellent job of qualifying the candidate on the key aspects of the fit such as compensation, commute, travel requirements, technical skills, and career goals. The person we ultimately hired has been, to say the least, a real “home run” for our team. He has exceeded our expectations from the start, and he has been exceptional at prioritizing and managing our aggressive project pipeline.

“In short, I highly recommend Provident Link for any technology related staffing. Their team has a clear understanding of some of the more difficult IT jobs available in the market, and they do an excellent job of managing expectations through what can be a difficult process.”

Director, Information Technology at one of the largest manufacturing and service firms in the world

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Even the best intentions require a clearly defined plan

Why are you hiring a new employee, contractor, or contractor to hire? Because you need to solve a problem. Reading the wrong resumes and interviewing and hiring the wrong people incurs a real cost. Minimizing your risk to these scenarios is the essence of what we do.

Thus, we seek to understand the real problem first. To that end, every position description fails to disclose the full story of your specific needs and business objectives. We learn this by employing the Socratic method and impeccable listening skills to see your vision and the details most important to you. Only then can the potential options of the solution be defined.

We then execute an iterative process to find and motivate the right person to join your team. Through this effort, we exhibit the highest level of service and commitment by finding talented professionals using the most effective method possible: extensive cold-calling and direct networking. As a result, our clients save both time and money through meeting with the right candidate the FIRST time … the value of quality over quantity.

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