Referral Program T’s and C’s

  • Referrals are tracked through our CRM and expire only when we have no method to contact the person.
  • At no time will a referral fee be paid when there is a conflict of interest.
  • Provident Link, Ltd. reserves the right to determine, in its sole discretion, when and to whom a referral bonus will be paid.
  • A referral bonus is paid when a successful placement has been made and all contingencies of the client agreement have been satisfied.
  • No payment will be issued until the receiving party has provided a W9 form to Provident Link, Ltd.
  • The receiving party is responsible for all tax liability associated with the payment of a referral bonus from Provident Link, Ltd.
  • Bonuses resulting in a contract placement are paid based on hours worked, and only after the client has agreed that the work has been successfully delivered and has paid for all the work provided by the Provident Link, Ltd consultant. When the referred consultant has reached 500 hours of service, $500 will be paid. When the referred consultant has reached 1000 hours of service, another $500 will be paid.
  • Provident Link, Ltd. accepts no liability that may result from the referral program.
  • Provident Link, Ltd. reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the referral program at any time and with no prior notice.
  • A cashed or redeemed referral bonus check serves as confirmation of your acceptance of all terms and conditions.


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Referral Program

Our goal is to make Provident Link your default answer when asked to recommend a recruiting firm. Achieving this will enable us to serve more people. It will also pay off for you, literally. Since I founded Provident Link in 2006, I realized I have a great problem on my hands: The longer I serve people, the more difficult it is for me and my team to reach out in a timely manner to everyone who could benefit from our work.

Therefore, we leverage a confidential e-mail newsletter to alert you to urgent client needs and quality potential team members. Our belief is that our reputation, along with an above-average incentive for your time, will compel you to refer or introduce us, either confidentially or directly, to new clients or to people with good skills (**an important note, they do not need to be “looking”). All we need is a name and a method of contact and we’ll do the rest.

Additionally, the newsletter is a good way to stay current with us and our read of the labor market when you do not have a direct need. I am pleased to share that our effective use of technology, along with the personalized approach you have come to expect, has already proven to be an efficient combination that delivers results.

In return for any successful placement resulting from your help, Provident Link will pay you $1,000. Referrals can be sent to

Thank you again for your time and the opportunity to serve you.


Phil Wallner
Founder, Provident Link, Ltd.

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